13 January 2007

It Begins..

So today sees the opening of the Spewtank. It seems everyone has a blog these days. Even some of my favourite comic book artists do too! It's a great way to see what everyone else is up to creatively. The links to the side show off some amazing talent.

Today I plan to have my new website uploaded. With some new folio pieces. I would like to put more up, but the file size of the flash file was way to big. Maybe the future me will have a better way of thinking and work it all out.
I've moved over to the dark side of computing just recently, with a Mac! I am being converted everytime that 'DONHG!" noise starts it up. I never thought I would own one, but I was seduced. For this first post I wont have any sketchs or images to show, just this small intro. So come back soon and hopefully there'll be some fresh stuff!

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g.hart said...

lovely jubbly my son