15 February 2007

Dragosaurs - not a dino drag-queen!?

Recently I have been able to watch more movies, as work is not as chaotic as it has been. I'm trying to fit together some of my characters and exand them into some kind of story. I've many ideas, I just need to weave them altogether and not get too precious about scrapping some of them. Movies I watched this week that have helped include, Monster House, Sunset Boulevard, Paris when it Sizzles, Pan's Labyrinth, The Outoftowners, and today I hope to watch To Catch a Thief by Hitchcock. I've developed a craving for older films. They are great to study. There's something lacking in many new movies and stories. Maybe it is that they are trying too hard.

I really enjoyed Monster House though. The story was simple and quirky. The characters were believable and lovable, my favourite was Chowder. It was very Gooniesish. On the dvd the extra features contained some concpet art by artist Chris Appelhans, you can link to his portfolio over in the links section to the right.

Anyway, above are some sketches from studies I have been doing on dinosaurs and dragons and a character in development. Hopefully there will be more to come. For now I will say happy valentines day for yesterday, and keep on drawing!!

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