06 February 2007


Over the past year I have become a huge Lost fan and it has hooked my right in. I think what is so appealing about the show is its overall sense of mystery and confusion, the pace, but mostly the characters and their development. I enjoy finding out that little bit more about one character each week, and knowing more to the whole puzzle. It is similar to life in that way, that we find out a little more about life each day, about ourselves, and we learn something new about our friends and family and their character as we interact more with them.
I think my favourite characters would have to be Sawyer and Hurley. And when they interact on screen together it's great, as their characters are from such different worlds. One of my favourite scenes is when Hurley dives on Sawyer after he called Hurley crazy. GOLD!! So to celebrate the return of season 3 to the tv, I drew some portraits. Not too sure that the Sawyer one works too well, but I was happy with Hurley.
Happy drawing people!!


chrispa said...

youre a nerd bro. good likeness though.

now get off the couch and 'interact' with people :P

KiniArt Studios said...

These are great caricatures... Hurley is definitely the best one - undeniably him!