01 March 2007


Let's see. What is going on inside my brain.
I've decided to not do an 'illustration friday' illo for this week. Basically because I can't be stuffed. So I'm just working on bits and pieces this week. So above is some recent work and an idea for a character (fat kid) of part of a comic/animation in my head, which incorporates characters and ideas created for my major project at Uni. ;)
I bought some 'real' ink the other day. The fat kid was inked with it and pen. Then coloured in Photoshop. Usually I know what colours clothes and people will be in my head before and as I am going.. but this time it took a bit to work out what colours to use. There's just too many to choose from!!

For anyone who checks this blog fairly regularly, poor souls, check to the right and you will find 2 new links. One to Colby's blog! he is cool, I worked on a larger project with him last year and there's a funky little monkey ready to welcome you at his blog. :)
Also linked is Looking For Group! A webcomic filled with action, comedy, fantasy and a green froglike girl. enjoy!

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