13 April 2007


Thanks for the comments, people who commented on stuff.
Today is Friday the 13th!! I only twigged that it was that day this morning. Not that it means a great deal to me anyway.
The other night while sitting at my in-laws house on the couch, I began drawing some vomitting pictures. Sounds bad I know, but that is what I did. I drew a few but this one seemed to get the right perspective and feel. I might do up some more soon, cos spew is fun, and every one can relate to it. It is universal.
I bought heaps of pens and brushes yesterday, in preparation for our trip to Italy and France which is coming up very fast. I am very excited and can't wait to soak up the history and culture of Europe. Ok, go now, watch some cartoons and draw some pictures!!


chrispa said...

mmmmm delicious

JoeyB said...

I love it! Spewing IS universal, and oh-so relevant to Friday the 13th considering "I drove the concrete gutter" that night. I think you really captured the carrots in their victorious moment as their resistant struggle not to succumb to digestion finally comes to fruition as they project themselves through robot orifices, to a better life.

Jules Knoblock said...

It seems bubblegum & carrot soup don't go together too well, as this dude just found out.

chrispa said...

Oi joeyb, Im not an indian girl! you are!! :P