11 April 2007

Where the bloody hell are you?

Well hello.
I figured it was time to post something. Sorry its been so long between jibberjabbers. So much has been going on here in my little world that I wouldn't even know where to start. What I will say is that I went and saw Dylan Moran at the comedy festival last week. For those not in the know, he is the Bernard Black from the telly show Black Books, he wrote it and he is a very very funny Irishman. It was strange to see him in person though. Almost ruins the fantasy a little I think. When you see or meet someone you admire, you realise they are just humans like you. This can also be a big help when you come to this realisation. It means that you too can do anything you want. There is endless possibility out there to achieve something. Unless you are stuck at home watching Big Brother re-runs. In which case your life is sad and you need help. Enough, its time I went and did some work. i don't even know if anyone reads this banta. If you do, please say 'hello'.. it gets lonely locked in my damp dark studio, and the rats are even starting to snub me.

Heres a slice from my sketchbook.