13 July 2007

Les Simpsons

Go to the simpsons movie site to create your own avatar. If you don't know the link, then shame on you!

Not long now and the Simpsons movie will hit the big screens. I think we've all been waiting for this to happen for years.
It was a smart move not to make the movie earlier. There might of been other factors preventing its production, but had it come out earlier it may have wrecked the series a bit. Like it would be the end of the show. Like the Xfiles movie. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing the simpsons on the big screen, but it might just be like one long episode. And they will probably add more 3d in that might ruin the way the simpsons is and what we are used to. They should have made a Futurama movie instead I reckon, they could make an aesome story for a movie with that show. Simpsons is too sitcomy for the big screen I reckon, but only time will tell, I'm sure I'll stil enjoy it :) Except I will probably have to watch it in bloody French.


Christian said...

mines better than yours :P

Anonymous said...

I thought you had boobs. :D

James said...

Nah they fell off ;)