05 February 2008

To grey or not to grey

I've been doing a few ink drawings lately. But I can't work out what is best when putting it onto computer. Whether to keep with a colour scan so the image looks close to the original or make that scan grayscale so that it is more uniform and clean. I wonder what other people do. Let me know what you would do.
Here's my riding hood!
One colour, one gray.


Chrisp said...

hmmmm, i think either stick to the b&w or use more colours than you have.

chrisp again said...

oh wait, i see what you mean now. youre just changing the settings on the scanner. derr

in the end, you want it to be greyscale. so whether you scan in colour to get 24bits or in greyscale and get 8bits you will end up taking out the colour to clean it up and that will take you back to 8bits.


Halloweenville said...

this drawing is great