09 July 2008

I'm not dead!

Believe it or not, I am in fact quite alive. But you knew that..
Anyway I guess I should try and post some pictures one of these days.. I have just been so busy with work. Maybe , just maybe, the next time you happen upon this blog, you'll be pleasantly surprised... maybe..


Gai said...

I was pleasantly surprised. But hey no illustrations? Disappointed not to see one of your regurgitations spew from your brain!!
I keep on checking you out see. Your last illo looks like you were all tied up then, hope you can get out of the straight jacket of being too busy with work. but hey work is good yeah!

A.J. said...

No, I refuse to believe you are alive. Not possible. There must be a random clone running around blogging in your place.

Daniela said...

Where are you?
I dont mean it literally, just that I havent seen your for ages, since you came back from that place where you didnt take me... :'(
I miss us hanging out!