07 August 2008


For those who don't know, the olympics starts tomorrow in China. Tonight actually if you count the Soccer, which I most certainly do! If you're in Australia you may have seen channel 7's promos for the Olympics. Cheesy? Did I hear someone say cheesy? Did I hear someone say, "Hey it must have taken some guy all night to think of have athletes being athletic on the great wall of china!".

Thankfully one country got it right. England. Who else really? The creative team that brought us Gorillaz have been busy with the great Monkey! Anyway the link's above. I didn't do the picture above, so I take no credit. They are the brilliant stylisings of Jamie Hewlett.

Hope you're having fun! I'm busy working on backgrounds and branding for an animated tv series at the moment, pus a few books. So sorry there's no new stuff. Perhaps soon!


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Anonymous said...

Dude I know! How Cool is this???
Hope your doing well.