02 September 2008

IF: Memories

Hey, thanks for the comments on the routine picture! They were very positive and encouraging. I haven't played with any ink yet to make some brushes, hopefully soon.

Anyway here is a sketch for this week. With the word memories, all I could think of was the Neverending Story where the evil lady (I dont remember their names) She was taking the boys memories, and they were in glass balls. I was going to do something along those lines, then I drew this.

Have fun!


Carole said...

Nice style.

Gai said...

I love it. I hope grandpa gave the red car back. I like the colour contrasts.

Cory said...

Very funny! I'd place my bets on grandpa keeping it.

Juan said...

love your concept and your technique. Cute illo!!

INDIGENE said...

Lol! LOL! I love this and that kid's expression is priceless!