29 January 2009


Well Happy New Year!! and probably merry Christmas too.
Though I'd put up a drawing for 2009 before the year is over. And what a year it will be!
This is for illustration friday. Climbing i think the word was.. I was going to colour it in but its like 43ºC at the moment and my arm keeps getting stuck to the table. :( So I'll colour it soon, when it's a little cooler..

All the best for 09 everyone! Let's hope it rains soon .. HA!


Larry Lee said...

I had to laugh at your comment about it being 43ºC (according to Google that's 109ºF!). According to my weather gadget, it's -10ºC (13ºF) here in Akron, Ohio right now (11:25pm EST). What a difference location makes.
Nice illustration. Jack looks quite pleased.

Gai said...

I am so pleased to see you back on IF. I love this illustration. very dramatic and he doesn't look hot at all!!