22 March 2010

Sumo Madness!

Great news! Sumo Mouse is finally on air!! Air being Tv air. First episode airing 27th March 2010, Saturday morning 8:30am Network Ten. Mark your diaries and cancel all prior engagements! Or if you're an illustrator like me you might be attending the BIG 3 seminar and will just have to record it. Heck, even if you can watch it, record it anyway and watch it again to see all the backgrounds and props we created at Kyla May.

On an absolutely unrelated note, 2 girls came around today with a picture of their lost dog. I hadn't spoken to anyone all day so it was a little weird trying to string sentences together. Especially when they showed the photo of a labrador and all I could think was, it looks like every other labrador I have ever seen in my life. The skinnier girl then proceeded to describe the dog as short and ' a keg on legs'. That'll make it a little easier to spot I guessed, as I then glanced at the fatter of the two girls. My words stuttering out at the sight of the potholes in her forehead. It was an interesting exchange of words with neighbours I never knew I had.

Anyway if you happen to be walking the streets of Mornington this week and spot a blonde labrador that's oddly shaped like a keg and answers to the trusty name of Buster, don't hesitate to let me know, because I'd really like to see this keg dog. And of course help return poor Buster.

One day I'll put up some new drawings too. It's been a busy summer. And now it's nearly Easter!

Have fun!


Mel said...

Awesome, perhaps I'll see you at The Big Three! It's a shame I'll miss the show but I'll definately catch it later.

James said...

Cool. Might see you there! Should be a good day :)