25 May 2010

Clowns in my Coffee

As a warm up this morning I drew this skinny zombie like guy. I've been thinking a lot about food and famine lately and the way things are. Also been watching some great tv shows, Blood Sweat and T-Shirts and then Blood Sweat & Takeaway. Then I came across this quote the other day, which really hit it all home...

"You're rich if you've had a meal today." [Billy Graham]

So next time you're complaining about what you are going to cook, with a pantry full of this and that, be thankful that you are able to cook something!


The group was more of a warm down drawing to lunch time... it could even be a reaction to the first... hmmm...

Back to work!

1 comment:

Evil Robot said...

These are sweet man love the little zombie!