07 June 2010

Happy Monday

Not. I've gone and twanged my back this morning and it's making it very hard to do anything. Especially sit hunched over to draw. BUT the show must go on. Here's a quick sketch and wash for the word TRAIL on illustration friday, to get this week going.


Alex said...

extremely cool

I'm a complete amatuer - what do you mean by wash? is that the way you've used the shades of gray as a colouring? It's very much the way Quentin Blake (legend) works - I love it.

Any tips?

Love your work

k.h.whitaker said...

very nice, I really like the way he is having to hold onto his hat

A.J. said...

Nice Jim. I assume this is relatively self portraity. I guess next time I see you you will be having a long pointy moustache?!!

Anonymous said...

Great pose on the guy!